Katie's Pedigree
HRCH UH Willson's Worth The Wait Kate MH
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

NFC-AFC Dewey's

Drake of Moon River


AKC Reg. #SN52116502



152 All Age Points

2 Amateur Wins at 30 Months

AFC Title before Age 3

FC Title at Age 4

2002 High Point Open Yellow Dog

#5 2002 High Point Open List

Qualified for 2001 National Am., 2002 National Am. and National Open, 2003 National Am. and  National Open

Finalist in 2004 National Am.

FC/AFC Hilltops Hayseed Bubba (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SN111376/08 - OFA: LR-46627G42M-T  Hips       LR-EL14758M97-PI  Elbows CERF: LR6972/92-24

38.5 Open - 17.5 Amateur   - 5 OPEN WINS

Qualified for 1998 and 1999 National Open 

Qualified All-Age at 18 mos. of age (2 Qualifying & 1 Open Win Before Age 2)

Open AND Derby WINS AT THE SAME TRIAL - 1998 Double Header Win



FC/AFC Blackgold's Kates Rascal (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SE186708

OFA: LR-2359G24M Hips

CERF: LR2801/89-49

(80.5AA) (51D)  Qual. 5 Nationals         Sire of 5 FC's

FC/AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne

AKC Reg. #SD055772 OFA:LR-13155 Hips

AFC Blackgold's Candlewood Kate (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SC665593 OFA:LR-13552 Hips

Candlewoods Divine MS M QAA (Black)

AKC Reg. #SM81438101 

OFA:LR-45962G25F Hips


Dam of NFC Cashman's Fat Lady Zingin, FC-AFC Hilltops Hayseed Bubba, and FC Heartbreak Kid

NAFC/FC Trumarc's Zip Code (Black)

AKC Reg. SC681608

OFA:LR-10091 Hips

444 All-Age Points (#2), 7-Time Nat'l Finalist, Sire of 40+ FC (#2)

FC/AFC MS Mischief's Magic Marker (Black)

AKC Reg. #SD074350

    OFA:LR-16927 Hips

69 1/2 All-Age Points, National Finalist, Dam of 8 FC

Moon Rivers Daffy Too (Yellow) AKC Reg. #SN24959107  OFA-LR-81647G27F Hips



FC/AFC Gunstocks Butch from Winifox (Yellow)

AKC #SM91688603

OFA-LR-53719G26M Hips


FC/AFC Lone Star JR II (Black)

AKC # SD688212

OFA-LR-21145G33 Hips CERF-LR-5327

Winifox Mindemoya

AKC Reg. #SE317120OFA:LR-26311G31F Hips

Moon River's Cash Kates Choice (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SE872239

OFA: LR-31808F25F Hips



FC/AFC Stone's Throw Marices Choice (Black)

AKC Reg. #SD471579OFA:LR-17399 Hips

AFC Black Gold Candlewood Kate (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SC665593OFA:LR-13552 Hips


Arcadia's Summer

Pearl MH (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SN75389507

OFA:LR-131409E32F-PI Hips



Achieved JH (4 for 4), SH (4 for 4), and MH Title (5 for 8) in 6 Month Period

Qualified for 2004 Master National

FC/AFC Rebel with a Cause (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SN23987604

OFA: 79425G27M Hips

 CERF:22805/99-47 DNA

Profile: V46337

ALL-AGE POINTS through Sept. 2002:  56 Open - 22.5 Amateur

Date Of Birth: FEB. 5, 1995

"Every chromosome is from a BLACK Field Champion"


FC/AFC Super Pic (Black)

AKC Reg. #SE597074

OFA:LR-26925G24M Hips


108 All-Age Points, National Finalist, Brother to FC-AFC

CNFC/FC/AFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic (Black)


97 1/2 All-Age Points,2-Time Nat'l Finalist, Hi Pt Derby, HiPt Open Dog

Smoking Juicy Lucy MH (Black)


Dam of 2 FC, 1st MH in U.S., Progeny: 255 All-Age Pts

FC/AFC MS Chief (Black)

AKC Reg. #SF617723


68 All-Age Points, Sister to 7 FC, Dam of 2 FC

NAFC/FC Trumarc's Zip Code (Black)

AKC Reg. SC681608OFA:LR-10091 Hips

444 All-Age Points (#2), 7-Time Nat'l Finalist, Sire of 40+ FC (#2)

FC/AFC MS Mischief's Magic Marker (Black)

AKC Reg. #SF617723 Hips


69 1/2 All-Age Points, National Finalist, Dam of 8 FC

Deke's Den Mariah MH (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SN144888C6 5/97



6 Out of 6 Master Hunter Passes


CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #QE370782

OFA:LR-22799-T Hips

240 All Age Points Qualified for 14 Nationals

Sire of 2XNAFC/FC/2XCNAFC/CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac


CFC Rascal's Super Spud  (Black)OFA:LR-9962-T Hips

Brother to FC AFC Chena River Misty

Itch's Flying Tiger QAA (Black)

2 Qualifying Wins

Sprig's Jett O'Honey MH (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SE338382  2/92

OFA:LR-37871E25F Hips




AFC Yellow Sprig (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SC875996

OFA:LR-12485 Hips

BD'S Honeysuckle Rose (Yellow)

AKC Reg. #SD281325

OFA:LR-23377E62F Hips